I am a creative professional seeking new opportunities to learn and grow.

Interested primarily in illustration, both graphic and traditional forms, I am a multidisciplinary creator. 
All my work is a product of intuitive exploration and playful experimentation. 



My graphic design work often merges my love of drawing by hand with the crisp and clean qualities of modern tech. I enjoy drawing typography and images by hand, then digitalizing them or using my wacom tablet to draw directly on the computer. 


A collection of themed watercolours are viewable in my 2017, 2019 and 2020 annual calendars. I am also a privately published illustrator of a children's book. I enjoy the flexibility, speed and range of visual effects that watercolour paints offer.


Observing the visual world is an ongoing and developing interest. I enjoy experimenting with photography. I like taking photos of people, animals and nature. 

" I want to create a more loving and beautiful world."


Open to design collaboration and artistic commissions.
Looking forward to hear your ideas!

Hamilton, Ontario

905 745 4265

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