I want to focus on taking photos of people now that I seem to have a good grasp on lighting and the manual settings from #RISEANDSHINE. Over the next 2 months I will be adding to my portrait collection. Shoot me a message if you would like to get yours taken. :)

Christopher Mackness

Christopher Mackness

My younger brother.

We're 10 years apart but we're basically the same person. He's just the more practical, long-winded, slightly arrogant guy version. Love you bud.

Click the photo to check out his inspirational instagram. 


Sharon Roy

My beautiful paternal biological grandmother on her 75th Birthday.

Her laugh and life anecdotes remind me that there's so much richness in life that has nothing to do with money.  I am inspired by how she is always her authentic self. She is upfront with who she is and what she's about. Truly one of the strongest women I've met in my life.

Curt Devine

My first fan who recognized me in public! 

Funny, even-tempered guy with undertones of deep wisdom. Uses lasers for work which is super cool and also just happens to be a Star Wars fan. 

Myrna Weber

My loving maternal grandmother. 

In the past 2 years while I've been going through some challenging personal times, she has been instrumental in my growth and development. Her hospitality in opening the doors of her family home for Oreo and I to live. I am forever grateful.

Every day I get to hear stories and gain a bigger picture of just how amazing my grandma is and all the lives she's touched. Her heart has carried so much over the years and I am honored to call her my grandma.

Truly a grandmother's love is something extraordinary. It brings me to tears.

I love you more, Grandma.

Claire Mackness

My ginger sister who definitely has a soul!

She is bright, joyful and kind to literally everyone she meets. I am so thankful for all she has done to support me on my journey. I might be the oldest sister, but it doesn't mean I'm the smartest. She has taught me so much about what it means to love and have tough love, all while wearing a smile.

She will make a great nurse one day, she definitely has the heart for it. You go girl! 

Martha Ronalds

My mom's best friend from university and Maid of Honor.

Martha has literally been in my life since I was born. Always making me smile and sharing her passion of books, puppets and theatre. She is such a strong and gentle woman who has so much youthfulness in her spirit.

Generous to her core, Martha has been a loyal patron of supporting my artistic career and has several of my original artworks hanging in her home. I am so thankful for her and my mom's friendship over the years. A young girl can never have enough strong women as role models. Thanks Martha!

Jeffrey Mackness

My father in his natural habitat... enjoying bits and pieces of history. 

My dad is a teacher by profession but also a teacher of life. He has been there guiding me and sharing with me his wisdom, and I am so overwhelmed by the depths that he and I can connect. I am truly blessed by a creative, encouraging and dependable father who will always go the extra mile to make sure that everything is taken care of. 

Robyn Aguila

Such a sweet, caring and gentle soul.

In the short time that we have been friends I have honestly seen nothing but beautiful things come from this woman. Always looking out for others and truly a testament to what it means to be a light in the world. She is currently working at Regina Mundi Catholic Church and is developing, though her example, the next generation of leaders in our community.



Stacy Forbes

I am so blessed to know Stacy!

We go way back to highschool (8+ years)!
I am amazed at her attention to detail and always knowing the exact right thing to say at the right time. Such a kind, and thoughtful person.  💗

Rita Agayby

Cheers to new friends!

Rita is so calm and beautiful! I had to stop her here to grab this shot as her eyes were just glowing and twinkling. 

Kasia Bednarz

Super fun and positive lady right here! Dare I also say well dressed and lovely colour coordination. 

Works as a fancy project manager at a non-profit architecture firm. Very interesting and relatable person, easy to talk to and there's always room for a good laugh!

Karen "Trixie" Elithorn

My deceased Grandma Joyce's sister - my Great Aunt Karen. And she is great!

Beautiful and kind, she is a very determined, humble and generous woman. A traveller extraordinaire, she literally has been everywhere! 

Stephanie Todd

My Aunt Steph, who is such a wonderful cook and hostess. She truly cares about her immediate and extended family. 

John Weber

My maternal grandfather caught with a glass of his homemade wine!
Also known as the Gramps!

Such a caring and compassionate man. His wisdom runs deep and his example for how to be a good and responsible person is admirable.

A retired health inspector and outdoor enthusiast, he's led the pack on camping trips and adventures to parks and heritage centres. He is always looking for opportunities to help others.

Christina Mackness

My wonderful mother!

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for her.

This photo was taken at The Mum Show at Gage Park, where our adventures began (we used to live in the neighbourhood when I was born and frequent the park).

My mom is the sunshine of my life! She makes me laugh, she gives me her opinions and grounds me with her perspective. As time passes I see more ways that I have been blessed. Truly the deepest relationship I have had with anyone, aside from God. She carried me in her womb, birthed me, loved and cared for me, she knows me better than I know myself... sees me in the deepest possible way. That love is so overwhelming! 

I am so happy that our mother-daughter relationship has matured to this point and I am soo excited to see what the next chapter brings!