All Saints' Day Party
Fraternity of the Poor of Jesus Christ

I have paired up with the Sisters of the Poor of Jesus Christ here in Hamilton to help with posts on social media for their All Saints' Day party. This project is allowing me to delve deeper into the roots of my Catholic faith background and research inspirational men and women (saints) who lived lives of great heroism and humility.

I also helped edit some promo videos, took some photos at the event and painted a "dabbing" Jesus. Check them out below.

Saint Illustrations + Videos

These images are all original drawings, some traditional mediums and others a hybrid of digital and traditional.

The videos is all original footage taken by the sisters and myself. All the animation was done by me in Adobe CS Premiere. The song featured is Copyright and the character graphics are not mine. 

Social Media Campaign

The character graphics are not my creations. The quotes are attributed to their corresponding individuals.

Photos at the Event

These are a few photos taken at the event. The center piece is a 5ft Jesus that I painted using acrylic paint. I used an image reference from one of the character graphics.

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