This is an ongoing series that first developed in my final year of university (2015). It emerged in the beginning as an animation for a short film contest on campus (BUFF - Bishop's University Film Festival) where my experimental short film, November, was nominated for "Best Film" and awarded for "Best Director".

This character became a depiction of myself where I could use her simple and basic form to express a wide variety of emotions and ideas. I would say that this
character (the girl in the blue jumper) is a portrayal of myself as an 8 year old girl. This character has no face, which makes her relatable to a wide variety of people, but also speaks to my own lack of identity throughout my life. In some ways I would say that she helped me through some of my most challenging thoughts and emotions, and I would definitely see her as a form of self-therapy. <3

Disclaimer: I apologize for the quality of some of the images, these were not well-documented and some no longer exist, so these are the only records. Also, some of the images might be triggering. 

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