Can you stop talking about my God?

Updated: Apr 24

(things I can't say out loud...yet)

Something that has been weighing on my heart the past few months is the amount of times a day I catch myself, others, tv shows, movies, songs, etc., profaning the use of God's name and His Son, Jesus', name.

I ask myself: "What does God think? How does He see this?"

In my limited human perception, I imagine a stack of these words, made physical, taller than Mount Everest and deeper than the ocean. Every profanity - just of His name - over the past 2000+ years by billions of people daily!

I imagine Jesus on the cross knowing how much we would abuse His Holy name and STILL deciding to die and rise again saying - "I love you! I choose you!"

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” - John 3:16

I am completely baffled at this LOVE and MERCY to us all - we are so unworthy as humanity of this LOVE! How we have drifted so far outside of God's Divine Plan for us!

“You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.” - Exodus 20:7

I begin to realize the enormous weight of following Jesus Christ! These profanities are a violation of the 3rd commandment and to truly follow Him would mean cutting out over 90% of all movies and tv shows put out in the past 20-40 years.

To say "YES" to following Jesus is to say "NO" to the comforts of this world.

Eternity with God in Heaven is worth more than watching a 2 hour movie or a 20 minute tv show that profanes His name even once! My soul is worth more. If I believe in God and His Word - it has to be!

To follow Jesus means to lovingly guide friends, co-workers, and family daily to become aware of what they are doing. When we are unable to do that, we can follow His example by praying for others as He prayed for us in our ignorance while on the cross:

"Father forgive them, they know not what they do." - Luke 23:24

To stand up for Christ in this way is a part of His cross that He shares with us daily. This requires God's Grace. I am not perfect at all and I struggle with this greatly. Each time that I say nothing I see myself as Peter denying Jesus. This happens over and over again. Jesus' Unfathomable Love and Mercy is there to catch me, but the conviction of my heart begs me to question: "How much do I really love Him?" Apologies mean nothing without action. This is an overwhelming burden for my soul. What bothers me nearly as much as this daily occurrence is that I cannot comprehend why this is something that is being tolerated? ...for so long?! Do others also feel this immense weight on their heart? Or are we all in denial?

As Christians, Catholics, Orthodox, Jews, and any other faith group that believes in one Abrahamic God - we must band together to demand entertainment options that do not violate our conscience. We make up more than 30% of the World population, yet somehow, we are silent. We need to help one another to defend against what is eroding basic moral values in our society. "Give the Devil an inch and he will take a mile". We've seen progressively as our culture allows more and more, bit by bit, we become tolerant of bad behaviour... more and more tolerant of EVIL. The quote that surges through my brain over and over, for each atrocity that I become aware of is: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke

We know that the gates of Hell will not prevail against God's Bride, Jesus promised us this. But we have to do something! We are given our identity from God and our first role given to us in the Garden of Eden is to be stewards of the Earth. As the human race, it our God-given responsibility is to keep God's order in our world, to follow His commandments and uphold His statutes. I urge you to reflect on these points. Find ways to lovingly correct people. Do little acts of reparation to the Lord to atone for this subtle but deadly evil that sickens the soul. The allowance of these profanities s the beginning of the decline, and so we must reclaim the sacredness of the name of our beloved GOD who gives us everything we need and more! Who breathes life into us each day. Who has the power and majesty to move mountains! Who has the ability to raise Himself and all of us from the dead! Who Loves us beyond measure and longs for us to inherit His Kingdom!

Pray with me: "Dear Lord Jesus, increase our Faith! Increase our reverence for Your Holy name - above all names! Wash our land with Your Precious Blood. Cleanse us and renew our minds. Help us, that we may Trust You more fully and glorify You with all that we have. Allow us to be filled with your Holy Spirit and Grace to gather all Your people to You! Bless our brokenness so we be made whole in You. We need Your Healing, we need Your Love, we need Your Mercy. We long to see with Your Eyes, Love with Your Heart, walk in Your Light and most of all Speak with Your Words. Praise You Jesus, thank You Jesus! Amen."

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