Immune Systems, Mental Health, Mortality & Peace

It is very important to consider that living in sanitized bubbles is not healthy for the average person. Sure, a short-term lockdown saved some lives, and masks - when the correct type is worn properly - can help prevent further contamination of an area... but viruses don't listen to our timelines or predictions, nor follow our directions... and they will continue to be there after our lockdown is over and the masks come off.

With fear of the unknown, grasping at anything we can control becomes a coping mechanism and crutch to lean on. Such is the way of hyper focussing on hand-sanitizer and physical distancing. The average immune system NEEDS bacteria, microbes and various other molecules - that we are cleaning away - in order to be healthy and function properly. Depriving our immune systems from exposure to these, actually increases our susceptibility to viruses. [insert paragraph on proper use of masks and how most people are wearing the wrong type, wearing them incorrectly or exposing themselves to different harms due to poor cleaning.] Not only that, but it also has shown that social distancing has been detrimental to the mental health of our communities. While some have found peace, more quality time at home with family, opportunity for DIY projects and deep cleaning, others have been isolated from contact with other human beings, been struggling with pre-existing addictions and abuse situations, etc. The ramifications have been extremely negative from a sociological perspective.

Mental health can 100% affect our physical health and can impact a person's immune system. Our mental health has a lot to do with our perceptions of events and managing triggers. Also, anxiety and other related disorders (which have been on the rise since the media's coverage on the outbreak of the virus) can impact sleep cycles, eating patterns, and hygiene... which all can directly negatively impact the immune system. [insert paragraph how the immune system works and how the best protection against viruses is building up a healthy immune system through diet, sleep, fresh air/sunshine, vitamins and minerals (possible supplements), etc.]

What I find interesting is that in the long history of events, many people have died for many reasons. When consuming media, we have to be extremely cautious of how and when death tolls are used. It is often twisted and misused to scare us. Death is inevitable, it is a natural part of life. But media outlets want to pull on our heartstrings and cause us to use our emotions to process this information, rather then our logic. This is dangerous, because although many of the numbers could be correct, the way the data is presented and the way it is explained can really impact the way we see the world and trigger us to become afraid for our lives. One thing that has come to the forefront of my mind in all of this, is we must come to terms with our own mortality. We do not live in a science fiction film. We are not vampires. We are human beings and we are really fragile and vulnerable in the big scheme of things. I believe all life is valuable, but part of what makes life valuable is that time is not infinite. We should aim to always save a life if possible, but things get to a point where it appears to me that society is so preoccupied with perpetuating life for as long as possible, it will do so at extenuating costs. Even at the cost to the great majority of our population. It is unfortunate, and I do not necessarily agree with Darwin and all his ideas, but "survival of the fittest" does seem to apply here. We cannot compromise the immune systems of all for the immune systems of a few (who were already susceptible to a myriad of other life-threatening viruses, diseases and conditions prior to the current pandemic).

We must be okay if it is our time to die. We must aim to find inner peace, and make peace with our friends, families and enemies regularly. We must always keep in focus our mortality and work to be okay with our Creator each day. This will help us detach from things which hold no weight once we pass away and actually allow us to live fuller and more present lives.

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